Jamaica Journey Review

It has been a week now since our team left Jamaica (yes we did make it back safely a day later than expected) and as I reflect on our time there the only appropriate response is praise. Praise God for blessing exceedingly abundantly above all that we asked or thought. Praise God for gospel advance in Jamaica allowing us to reap where others have faithfully planted and watered. Praise God for Christian brothers and sisters whom we were able to meet and fellowship with. It is such an incredible joy to be part of the family of God. Praise God for pastors whom we met who are steadfastly holding forth the Word of Life. Praise God for Bible college students who have hearts to serve God with their lives. Praise God for spiritual growth in each of the team members hearts and lives. Praise God for safety in travel and health and strength while in Jamaica. Praise God for His incredible creation we experienced in the the rich diversity of fruits we enjoyed, the beauty of flowers arrayed fairer than Solomon in all his glory, unique animals, dazzling waterfalls, lush foliage and beautiful, strengthening sunshine. Praise God for the joy there is in serving Him. Praise God for answered prayer!

I’m sure the full impact of this missions trip has not yet been realized but as I reflect on what God has already accomplished through it I am filled with wonder at God’s incredible grace to use us for His glory. Thank you for your prayers, for your giving and for your interest in God’s work through us. May we continue to serve Him faithfully where He has placed us till Jesus comes.

Pastor Joel

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