Jamaica Journey Day 9

Today was a day filled with mixed emotion. We were first of all sad to leave the people and country that we have come to love over our week here. There were plenty of hugs exchanged and promises to see each other again soon. After a brief stop in Montego Bay to pick up last minute souvenirs and lunch we headed to the airport. There our emotions changed to the joy of being on our way home to see all the ones we love and missed this week. We had warning of a possible storm in Toronto but we were thankful that our flight out of Montego Bay was only delayed by 20 minutes and we made it safely in at 7:15 pm local time. That was the end of our flights for the day however as everything was cancelled. After making it through the maze of the airport and the large crowds we were able to confirm that we were rebooked for the same flight a night later and by God’s good hand we found the last 3 rooms at an airport hotel. The shuttle was delayed because of the weather and while most stayed inside because of the cold and snow (and the fact that some were still in shorts) Caleb, Tiffany and Christian bravely stood watch till the shuttle finally arrived.  After checking in at the hotel we were able to get pizza at 11:15 pm for supper and all crashed into bed exhausted. These certainly weren’t our plans but we know God’s ways are best and we are trusting that our extra day in Toronto has a good purpose. We are looking forward to seeing you all soon,

Pastor Joel

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