Jamaica Journey Day 8

Today was a day of hard work to get as much done on the construction project as we could, knowing that we leave for home tomorrow. The men worked all day cutting rebar, making and pouring concrete, creating forms and putting in the last two footings. The end of the day brought a large rainstorm that we worked through in order to get the last footing done. There is still plenty of work to do to complete the building which the Jamaican men will do when we leave but we were able to accomplish much for the glory of God. We trust that this upgraded building will aid Fairview Baptist Bible College continue to hold forth the faithful word and train men and women for life long service to Jesus Christ.

The women cleaned and got everything ready for our departure tomorrow. Then some of them had the opportunity to get their hair done in Jamaican braids by the librarian here. After supper we were taken to a local wood carver to pick up a few souvenirs and then we ended the day with a team meeting to share the blessings we all experienced from the trip along with the lessons we learned. We all have much to praise God for and are looking forward to seeing you all soon to tell you about it personally. Please pray for our return trip as the weather is calling for snow in Toronto! Thank you for all the prayers and following along. Good night from Jamaica for the final time,

Pastor Joel

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