Jamaica Journey Day 7

Our cup runs over with the joy of serving the Lord! We had an incredible day worshipping at Black River Independent Baptist Church which is lead by our gracious host Pastor Black. It took about an hour to get here from the college and while we were concerned about possibly being late for a 9:30 start we shouldn’t have worried: they take laid back to a level even beyond Lepreau! Our Sunday School teacher had to wait for a taxi and didn’t arrive till after 10 but we enjoyed his lesson from the book of Job. Tara and Tiffany were able to sit in on a class with some of the kids and enjoyed meeting new children that quickly became friends. The morning service followed with the opportunity for the team to sing a special number and for us to join in on Jamaican worship. While livelier than we are used to we appreciated their joy in the Lord and were able to join in on the songs that we did know. Then I was able to preach and I was thankful to God that He answered prayer and I had a voice to do so. God was at work and 2 men and a girl came forward at the end of the service with one of the men trusting Christ. God is so amazing as the man Wayne, who lives in the UK, was here visiting relatives. So God brought a preacher from Canada and a man from England to Jamaica where the gospel was presented and received. What a joy this was for all of us. While this was all going on, Claire (aka mom), led the children’s church with the other ladies helping out. Needless to say our day of worship was rich and blessed. We were able to meet many warm and inviting brothers and sisters in Christ who we look forward to seeing again soon but if not in glory.

After the service we headed back to the college with a stop along the way to Bluefields beach to have a quick swim in the Caribbean Sea for a much needed cool off. Supper at the college was another great meal provided by the tireless ladies in the kitchen. Then we had an evening service together at the college with a time of singing and testimony as a group. There were plenty of blessings to share and we are rejoicing in all that God has done. It is hard to believe that tomorrow will be our final full day here before flying out Tuesday. We have appreciated your prayers and are looking forward to seeing everyone soon. Good night from Jamaica,

Pastor Joel

2 thoughts on “Jamaica Journey Day 7

  1. We serve a wonderful God! So glad to hear each day from what has been happening. God is so good. Enjoy your last day. Upholding you all in prayer, Paul&Thelma

  2. Praise God for another soul saved!! Praise God for so much answered prayer!! My heart too is full. Your sister in Christ, Wendy

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