Jamaica Journey Day 6

Today the team took a well-earned break from work to explore the beautiful island of Jamaica. Pastor Black graciously played tour guide as we drove off campus to the south shore of the island. We saw the beautiful turquoise ocean water and smelled the salt air bringing memories of home. Our first official stop was at the Black River safari where we were able to head out on “Black River” on a guided boat tour. The river is an amazingly intricate ecosystem filled with interesting plant and animal life. The most interesting for the group were the many crocodiles that we were able to observe close up. The guide asked which of us would volunteer an arm but no one was quick to raise their hand. The scenery was beautiful and the guide entertaining. It was a wonderful way to experience God’s creation in this corner of the world.

After a quick lunch of Jamaican patties, a pastry like crust stuffed with chicken or beef, eaten at Black River Independent Baptist church the group headed out to YS falls. (That is the church, by the way, which we will be ministering in and fellowshipping with tomorrow so I’ll tell more about it then) The YS falls are located on a large former plantation property and are majestically beautiful. Several sets of waterfalls provide different levels of pools that the group were able to explore. Especially fun was the Tarzan swing that allowed you to swing over a pool and then plunge into the brilliantly clear waters below. Several of the group found the courage to try it out while others just enjoyed the relaxing time spent in the water and among the falls. This was definitely a highlight of the natural beauty that Jamaica has to offer.

We finished our day with a supper at the “Border Jerk” which is a famous jerk chicken and pork place right next door to the college. The food was tasty and certainly an interesting cultural experience. After a team meeting and time spent with Pastor Black the team headed to bed, rested and grateful for a blessed day of enjoying God’s handiwork. We are greatly looking forward to our time worshipping with Jamaican believers tomorrow. Thank you to those who prayed for my voice, God has graciously allowed it to return so I can preach tomorrow. It is not fully back but should be enough for me to preach, continue to pray to that end please.  I trust the days of worship will be blessed back home and will be praying for you. Good night from Jamaica,

Pastor Joel

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