Jamaica Journey Day 5

Another day is coming to a close here in Jamaica and it has once again been full of the blessing of God. We began with a devotional at Mt Ward Primary School where Jacob, thankfully for my voices sake, was able to lead the singing and Jan 1 and 2 did a great job presenting the parable of the rich fool. The children were all dressed up in the vibrant colours of the Jamaican flag for the special holiday here called “Jamaica Day.”  The college students also decorated the dining hall at Fairview for the occasion and had a special service in the afternoon that the ladies enjoyed.

The men continued the construction project with progress being made as 3 pillars’ foundations were poured and the walls have begun to go up. It is interesting to observe the difference in construction here in Jamaica with everything being made with concrete. It certainly makes for heavy lifting and the guys have gained plenty of experience with a wheelbarrow! I certainly have gained a new appreciation for manual labour and have been impressed with the cheerful diligence of the men.

The ladies also got in on the work this afternoon doing a wonderful job painting part of the ladies dorm. Jan Doull was right in her element and glad to be able to use the paint clothes she brought. The other ladies followed her lead and the job was complete in no time with the lady students glad for a fresh look for their home away from home.

After a team meeting with testimonies and questions answered we are ready for the adventure tomorrow will bring. We are heading out to see Jamaica’s natural beauty and wildlife, possibly having the chance to swim near crocodiles! I’ll be sure to let you know how it goes. Be sure to comment and continue to pray for us. Goodnight from Jamaica,

Pastor Joel


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