Jamaica Journey Day 3

Our day began at Ferris Primary School where we were able to once again sing gospel songs, interact with the children and share some gifts from home. Tiffany Curtis presented the story of the Samaritan woman with an emphasis on Jesus being the Saviour who loves everyone. A highlight from our time there was hearing the kids sing the Jamaican national anthem and quote their pledge of allegiance for us. We were amazed at how their anthem emphasized their dependence on the Heavenly Father and sounded much like a prayer. With classes starting we headed back to the college to get back to work on the construction

The men changed into work clothes and went back to clearing the rubble and preparing to pour concrete “Jamaican style.” We were hoping for a Lefarge truck to show up but that didn’t happen so it was all done by hand! We were able to pour the foundation for 3 of the main pillars with 6 more to do. We were thankful to be beyond the demolition stage and start to see the building come together.

The end of the day brought a memorable experience as we visited McField Baptist Church for their Wednesday evening service. We just happened to be here on their special harvest service where church members bring produce and give it to the Lord. The many fruits, vegetables and goodies are then sold after the service and the money given to support the church. We were introduced to Jamaican culture by purchasing sugar cane, oranges, plantains, bananas, coconut drops and seeing plenty more local produce. The service itself was a blessing as we worshipped together with fellow believers joined by our common faith in Christ though differentiated by culture. We were reminded of the beauty of the body of Christ that brings unity in the midst of diversity. The people were warm and inviting, especially a deacon of the church who gave us a tour and shared many laughs with us, the worship was lively and beautiful and the preaching was encouraging. We left having met many dear brothers and sisters who we look forward to meeting again in glory if not before.

The day has been full and we are heading to bed with hearts full of praise to God for the richness of being His children. We trust the services back home were a blessing as well. Be sure to leave a comment below and check back again tomorrow. Good night from Jamaica.

Pastor Joel

8 thoughts on “Jamaica Journey Day 3

  1. Thanks for the update Joel, and glad to hear everything is going well – please wish mom a happy 65th from us in Oshawa, and we’ll be praying the rest of your trip continues to be encouraging and an encouragement.

    • I’ll certainly pass along the birthday greetings! Thanks for the prayers and keep them coming. I’ll share in tonight’s blog the amazing blessings of today and how God has answered them.

  2. Hi Joel and gang. Just found out today about your blog. I was excited to find it tonight and enjoyed it very much. I have been praying for your ministry there each day since you left. Hello to all and a very happy birthday wish to your dear mother. Love and prayers, Wendy

  3. Love seeing the pictures!! Glad everything is going well for you guys! Going to try to get ahold of Mom through Jacob but if I can’t, wish her a happy birthday from me and the kids as well. Praying for you all!!!

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