Jamaica Journey Day 2

Are you from China? That was the question that greeted us this morning at Haddo primary school as the Jamaican school children tried to sort out where all these visitors were from. We assured them that we were from Canada which they found rather amusing. After interacting with the children outside we were able to start their school day with gospel songs and a devotional about the loving forgiveness of God as demonstrated in the parable of the prodigal son. Tara did a wonderful job presenting and the team joined in passing out our gifts. We were all impressed with the school uniforms and how well behaved the children were not to mention the fact that we could so openly share the gospel in a public school!

While the ladies and I were at the school the men were busy starting the construction project. Several Jamaicans have been at work for a week already so the men joined in clearing rubble and working with rebar. After a hard day of labour the demolition and clean up was done with plans for mixing concrete tomorrow to put up the new support posts.

Our other opportunity for ministry was a visit that the team will not soon forget to West Haven Orphanage. This is a home for physically and mentally challenged children and we were able to drop off gifts and interact with them. Each of the team members soon found a “friend” that took them around. These often abandoned precious people were were so happy to share a hug and a smile. We left with plenty to process and thankful to God for the opportunity to share the love of Christ with them.

We have been blessed by the wonderful people, hospitality, culture and weather here in Jamaica and we trust we have been a blessing. Thanks be to God for all His grace and mercy to us. Continue to pray and check back tomorrow. Good night from Jamaica.

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