Final Reflections

Well here we are at the end of our tour. Today was a free day in Jerusalem where we enjoyed walking the ramparts on the city wall, shopping in the old city and lounging in the sun at the hotel pool. It was  relaxing way to end our time here. Today as you may be aware is also the beginning of Sabbath here in Israel so we enjoyed a special celebration with our guide Rachela. The ladies lit candles and we shared grape juice and broken bread with a special blessing. It was interesting to experience what Jesus would have experienced with his disciples at the last supper, especially in the same city he would have done so. We were once again reminded of how special it is to be in Israel.

IMG_1236 IMG_1258

Tomorrow we head to the airport for 9:45 to begin our long journey home. Our flight leaves here at 12:45 to get us to Toronto and then our connection to Saint John. We said our goodbyes to Curtis and Cathy as they have an earlier flight to Rome to enjoy more of the Mediterranean region. As a group we have so many incredible memories and we are looking forward to sharing them with you all soon. We certainly will not read our Bibles the same nor will we be the same either. Pray for safe travels and that we get in before the storm that is coming for Sunday.

Shalom  from Jerusalem one last time.

Pastor Joel

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