Praise the Lord!

Scripture Passage: Psalms 146-150

We typically use the phrase “praise the Lord” to express excitement over good news but I was challanged this morning from the psalms to consider praising the Lord all of the time. Psalm 146:2 says “While I live whill I praise the LORD: I will sing praises unto my God while I have any being.” Praise is to be the continual experience of the life of the believer. The psalmist doesn’t qualify his statement as we perhaps would: while I am feeling good I will sing praises, or while life is going along fine I will sing praises. Instead we are called to sing praises to God while we have any being, down to our very last breath we can rejoice in our God.

The rest of psalms 147-150 all concentrate on the theme of praising God for His character and His conduct with the grand conclusion of Psalm 150:6 “let everything that hath breath praise the LORD. Praise ye the Lord.” Be encouraged today to take time to praise God: remind yourself of His character which is worthy to be praised and then reflect on His conduct towards you in grace and extol His wonderful works. Truly our God is worthy to be praised.

I’ll finish with part of a song I was introduced to a couple of weeks ago and have enjoyed ever since: Praise Ye Jehovah

Praise ye Jehovah, who from the beginning
What He established in mercy maintains,
Founding, providing, protecting, abiding,
Praise to the Saviour Who constant remains
Praise ye Jehovah, Who like as a Father
Comforts our sorrows and quiets our fears,
Chast’ning, restraining, forgiving, sustaining,
From the beginning to fullness of years.
Written by Bob Jones Jr., music by Dwight Gustafson. Copyright 1976 by Bob Jones University

Pastor Joel

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