Why Me?

Scripture Passage: Lamentations 1-5

The book of Lamentations expresses the grief of Jeremiah as he considers the loss of Jerusalem and the destruction of his nation. After Babylon came and destroyed everything, Jeremiah is left looking at the ruins of Jerusalem. In these 5 short poem/chapters we are given a glimpse into the devestation and loss felt by the prophet. What is striking is that in spite of all the tears and pain Jeremiah never losses sight of God. His faith is steadfast even when his world is falling apart.

This serves as a great reminder to us when we suffer not to question and run from God but to cling to Him, as the source of mercy, wisdom and hope. Layton Talbert in his book Beyond Suffering says it this way “amid all his pain and frustration, Job’s tenacious grip on God never loosens. The hard providences of God wean us from reliance on self, preoccupation with the visible, and contentment with the temporal. He intends them to draw us, or if necessary to drive us, to Himself. Where else will you go?

Allow your suffering to drive you to Christ, remembering the one who suffered perfectly for you on the cross, and rest and trust in Him. In the midst of terrible loss cling fervently to Christ who is our life!

Pastor Joel

P.S. For those wondering the Bible Reading Plan that I am following it goes as follows

Monday – Pentateuch (Genesis-Deuteronomy)

Tuesday – Historical Books (Joshua – Esther)

Wednesday – Poetry (Job – Song of Solomon)

Thursday – Prophets (Isaiah – Malachi)

Friday – Gospels and Acts (Matthew-Acts)

Saturday – Epistles (Romans – Revelation)


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